Removing Saggy skin and Wrinkles

There are many remedies that people use to remove saggy skin and wrinkles. This is through the use of different beauty products in the market. Most people give up on the fight against saggy skin and wrinkles as they end up fake products that are not effective.

Don’t worry; there are many cosmetic clinics in Ireland that help removes saggy skin and wrinkles. This is through surgical procedures. It is important to understand that saggy skin is caused by fats. Most people avoid this procedure as it is quite expensive compared to other remedies. However; it is very effective when it comes to completely removing skin and wrinkles.


Most people are unable to achieve their dream projects as they are not confident of their looks. People with saggy skin are shy about revealing their body.

Before getting into details, let us have a look at what causes wrinkles and sagging skin. Wrinkles are some form of lines and creases that form on the skin. Wrinkles are easily noticeable around the mouth, neck and around the eyes among others.

Here are some common causes of wrinkles:

  • Age-Skin becomes less elastic and more fragile as a person gets older. This is because the body decreases the production of natural oils. This is why older people’s skin appears dry. As time goes by the fat in the deep skin layers diminishes. This makes the skin sag.
  • Smoking-It has been scientifically proven that smoking accelerates the aging process. Smoking highly contributes to wrinkles as it interferes with the blood supply in the skin.
  • Facial expressions-Squinting and smiling all the time can lead to the development of both fine lines and wrinkles. Facial expressions contribute to the development of wrinkles as a person ages. This is because the skin has lost its flexibility.
  • Exposure to UV lights-Ultraviolet radiations speeds up the aging process. As earlier mentioned, aging contributes towards the development of wrinkles and saggy skin.

On the other hand, saggy skin can be caused by various factors ranging from excess body fat and wrinkles among others.

Cosmetic procedures

Most people find it difficult to find a perfect Dublin plastic surgery clinic to help them get rid of saggy skin and wrinkles. Here are some guidelines that will guide a person look for a perfect plastic surgeon in Dublin:

  • License-Plastic surgery is very complicated and needs to be performed by real doctors. It is your right to request for necessary documentation from the selected to confirm if they are licensed to offer cosmetic surgeries
  • Experience-It is advisable to go for a surgeon who has many years experience in removing saggy skin and wrinkles. Such surgeons are familiar with many cases.
  • Reputation-This is very important as it will guide you to pick point the best clinics worth checking out. A person can check the clinic’s reputation from online testimonials left by previous and current clients.Alternatively; a person can ask round or do background checks.
  • Price-Price is very important when looking for a cosmetic surgeon. This is because different clinics charge different prices. It is advisable to go for a clinic you can comfortably pay without straining.
  • Location-Try as much as possible to look for a surgeon near you. This will reduce your transportation cost.

Before undergoing any form of surgical procedure, it is important to discuss with your doctor a few things. This will give the doctor a clear understanding of how you wish to look.Consultation is important as it will help the doctor determine if he/she can handle your case or not. You should do a thorough background check on the selected Dublin plastic surgery clinic to ensure they can handle cases regarding wrinkles and saggy skin.461616746_1280x720

During consultation, the doctor will give you a glimpse of what will happen during the cosmetic surgery. You will also be informed how long the operation will take. There are many advantages of undergoing cosmetic procedures compared to other remedies used to remove wrinkles and saggy skin. They include the following:

  • It has been proven to work
  • It is fast and a onetime thing
  • It exhibits instant results
  • It is safe compared to other home remedies that might aggravate the condition

Here are some risks associated with cosmetic surgery to remove saggy skin and wrinkles:

  • Infections
  • Internal bleeding
  • Excessive blood loss


Infection is very common for patients who have undergone any form of surgery if their wounds are not properly nursed. Infection tends to spread faster on dirty and unattended wounds. It is therefore very important to keep your wound clean at all times. There are some cases where infections are very severe to the point a patient has to undergo a surgical procedure to cut off the infected area.

Internal bleeding

There have been many previous cases where patients suffer from internal bleeding in the operating regions. This is mostly associated with failed surgery procedures. Most patients tend to suffer from internal bleeding during the recovery process. This is the reason people are advised to carefully select surgeons to make them look beautiful again.

Excessive blood loss

Blood loss is experienced during removing of saggy skin.However; there are some cases where patients experience excessive blood loss. This can be risky. Patients are advised to immediately contact their doctors if they notice any form of bleeding from their wounds.

There is no doubt cosmetic clinics in Ireland are among the best in the world. Most clinics employ both local and international doctors. Most clinics in Ireland handle themselves with a lot of professionality.That’s not all; these clinics accommodate international clients. There are some clinics which provide recovery services for their clients. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Plastic surgeons are usually very busy. Patients are advised to book appointments earlier. This will make it easy for the doctor and other medical staffs to prepare in advance for your arrival. Patients should free to request for follow up checkups after surgery to confirm everything is perfect.