Laws and Rules of SEO Companies

Ensuring you get quality work done

Every business administrator wants theirs to the first website that potential customers looking for local and global solutions online click through. This is so because of the high financial incentive that comes with grabbing the top positions in search results and the brand credibility that you automatically achieve when Google ranks you at the top of their results. You are perceived a legit and providing extraordinarily high-quality solutions compared to your competition, a position we all want to play in. search engine optimization is the key to unlock the full potential, of your website for your online based and offline business for improved visibility, traffic, and conversion hence growth in profit margins.

The bad news is of course that there are billions of them on the web and probably thousands offering a similar product range to yours and maybe several to hundreds belong to your direct competitors. The good news is that very few of those are actually optimized for viewing by the visitors and friendly also to their devices and search engine indexing, therefore, presenting a great opportunity and reward for optimized pages. Following Google’s best practices and creating high-quality content and legit links are what will get you rewarded and lasting rank in the SERPs. Total disregard for the best SEO practices, on the other hand, is what will get you penalized. When it comes to Dublin SEO search, here are some of the laws and rules of SEO companies in Dublin.

  1. Don’t stuff keywords

Stuffing is archaic and obsolete practice for optimizing your website. It will most certainly get it penalized and its overall rank will plummet ever since Google’s bots learned to recognize such short cuts. A keyword density of less than or equal to 1 % should be just fine without risking sounding too spammy.  The point is to use the keyword in an organic manner such that it fits in perfectly with the content and not sticking out as if just dropped from the clouds.

To avoid using too many main keywords in a given article, it is best to use LTS keywords instead.

  1. Choose unique keywords

Most site owners make the mistake of rushing to compete for overly crowded keywords that would take a plethora of well-written articles and optimization efforts to rank at the top for. Doing this will frustrate many and make them throw in the towel way too early. Instead, choose unique keywords and use alternative words and long tail keywords in your content to avoid sounding overly optimized. In this business, you don’t want to sound to the bots or your esteemed readers like you are trying too hard.

  1. Insist on unique and high-quality content

In the SEO business, content is king. Content is the building blocks of a good website with engaging features that will entice the reader to buy what you are selling. Without good content, you will have trouble retaining your guest for any considerable length of time on your website long enough to get them to make a purchase or get the idea. The main goal of optimizing  is to not only drive traffic to your website but also to retain them for longer and have them buy something and come back later for more.

  1. Build only high-quality links

Good quality links are not an option if you need to view your website as an authority site. One backlink to a high ranking website is worth hundreds of links to poorly ranking websites. It is, therefore, better to have just a few but high-quality links than thousands of poor quality ones which might even harm your overall rank. And because your site has only the best quality content, make sure that your external links also lead to high-quality content sites. Don’t underestimate the importance of outbound links like most webmasters do.

  1. Keep updating your site and content

The most important thing to remember when starting your SEO journey is that it is a long process of slowly transforming it into a cash cow for your business rather than a one-time thing. You will need to be patient to see tangible results in traffic and conversion improvement leading to an increase in sales and profit. However, this does not also mean that you wait around paying for services where you cannot see any progress in the efforts of your SEO experts.

  1. Indexed age

If you pay attention to the latest trends in search engine optimization you will learn that Google and other search engines care very much about the indexed pages of your content and website. Elder websites that have been around for longer will have an easier time ranking for a related keyword compared to a brand new one you just created. It, therefore, makes sense to improve the structure of you archaic website rather than start a fresh with zero visitors.

The important thing to note here is that the indexed age is the day when their crawler arrived on your site or discovered that article and not the date when you first launched or published it.


In short, do not go cutting any corners when hiring SEO professionals to optimize your site for indexing and viewing by internet users. Cost is a very important thing but it is not the only consideration you should make when hiring the best agency or freelance experts near you. In fact, save for a few well-qualified freelancers looking to start their own firms with a client base, good search engine optimization specialists should not be cheap. Good SEO practices are a bit on an investment in the run-up but they will prove worth every penny in the long run.


The most important thing to remember is that the quality of work you end up doing on your website heavily relies on your choice of specialist you hire to work on it. Hire a pro SEO consultant with an impeccable track record and better you chances of making it in the online business and growing your business by double digits. Here, you get what you pay for.