Insurance Company Parties and Get Delivery of Takeaway Food.

Among all the words in the good old dictionary, none brings in more excitement to us that the word “party”. A word whose meaning is that of joy, celebration, relaxation, entertainments and above all, food and drinks. For centuries, parties have been held to commemorate events and achievements by individuals or by groups of people, often, those who have been together for some time and share a common bond. At home, we hold parties to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. At the workplace, however, we mainly hold parties to commemorate the anniversary of the company, achieving a certain annual goal or even to celebrate Christmas. Insurance companies are among the most vital companies in any economy, they are the driving force behind the confidence most other companies and organizations when they set out to venture into the unpredictable economic world. Insurance company parties, like those of most other companies, could be to celebrate certain achievements by the company. A time when the actuaries, clerks, receptionists and branch manager can all come together to make merry of their period of cooperative work. Maybe look at a company to deliver takeaway food.


For years, Insurance companies have played around with the idea of making the best party. Those put in charge work to create the best experience for their fellow colleagues. Some of the best have been replicated to this day and in case you are looking for some, here are a few:

Massive dinner in the evening.

rulesdinnerparty-660x330Now, this is among the most common types of office party ideas, however, it is among the most effective. Here is why. Throughout the year and to an extent, the lives of the workers at the company, they have had countless dinners, they are aware of what is expected of them in addition, what to expect from the party. What may change may be the dress code and maybe, the seat arrangement. With the increase in many such parties, numerous catering and event planning companies have come up to take the burden off your hands. Currently, you can just pay the event planner and like a flash of light you have a readily prepared venue, they deliver takeaway food and you also get a PA system. This option is however expensive and most insurance companies would love if they got a cheaper alternative.

Doing it at the office.

102207935-182218354.530x298Although not often, there are firms that choose to convert their usual workspace, into an overnight party arena. They will move around the desks and printers, decorate the place, get some nice seats, tables, and a public-address system. The Office that was once contained by all employees sweating themselves working, becomes a space to rejoice and party. This option is quite cheaper than getting a planner to organize the event for you. It also allows for the employees to get a different feel for their workplace. Those who thought of it as a dark sweaty coal mine can now think of it as the nice air-conditioned Party space it has been turned into.

Give back.

151112-F-UQ224-001In the recent years, companies have stopped focusing on themselves but are now looking into helping out others instead of holding a party. During the holidays especially, you could use the money you would have used to hold the party, and instead, go to a needy home and spend a day or so with them. You could have a cookout, play with the kids or even watch a movie.

As we mentioned earlier though, parties will hardly be described as real parties if there are no food and drinks. I the traditional setting, parties would mean long hours by the mum, in the kitchen, fixing some delicious meals to satisfy an entire group of family and friends. It would be a source of pride when they served the meals and everybody enjoyed. In the modern day, however, preparing meals for large groups has become more of a struggle rather than a cherished activity. Our lifestyles leave little time if any, to prepare meals for a party. It has become more convenient to just get an outside caterer to prepare the meals for you as well as deal with anything that surrounds food and drinks at your party. With insurance companies hosting even larger parties, it has become easier to just have a caterer deliver takeaway food.


So how does delivery of takeaway food compare with making your own food or even getting served at the party?

Well first, you will have set your guests free. I tend to think that since a party is a place to relax and let go of all your stressors, you should be liberal with how and where you want to eat. There is, therefore, no better way to achieve this that though takeaway food. You could choose to have it at the party, outside on the balcony or backyard, take it home with you or not have it at all. Not the same as sitting at the dinner table, now is it?

You also incur less cost. Think of setting out an entire dinner, with all the wine, plates and formalities, when you could just get some takeaway good that your guests can have their own pleasure. You can simply enter into an agreement with your supplier who will easily use cheap and easy to carry packaging material for you to serve the food.

When having taken away food, however, comes with its own precautions. Some takeaway food services have been the cause of foodborne illnesses, mainly due to improper storage and handling of food. To avoid having a serious incidence with your guests, it is important to make sure you get a takeaway food delivery provider that is licensed as well as has a good reputation. It might also be good to look for one whose food has received praise so that you guest too can enjoy the food irrespective of the fact that it takeaway food.

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