About Us

As a leading insurance company in the market, we guarantee to provide you with the best quotes online that our competitors will not be able to match. Droptine was established in 1998 in the USA by Tim Harvey and has since taken over the US market for delivering guaranteed low prices across the country. Tim HarveyEven though we offer some of the cheapest rates around, we do not compromise on your policy quality and customer service is always our top priority.We always keep loyal to our customers and offer discounts for people who stay with us in the long term. Tim Harvey is our CEO and boasts a highly professional team of 100 plus workforce who have an appetite for success and many years of experience in this industry. Our work ethic and new age think is what makes us very successful and stand out from the rest of our competitors. Even if you have had problems receiving cover for your car or home in the past, we can guarantee to give you a quote no matter what your circumstances are.